How It Works

How it works when you pin your business card

In just a few simple steps you can pin your business card on DigiPin’s searchable pin board directory. Here on DigiPin our aim is to provide a simple and affordable way to advertise your business.  With a no fuss, clutter free design it makes it easier for people to find local businesses in their area.

Step 1

Choose a package

Step 2

Fill in your details

Step 3

Let DigiPin do the rest

Pin your business card with tags

When you register your business2 on DigiPin you are asked to provide tags3.  Tags are search words that help others find you.  For example, if someone is looking for a painter in their area they usually wouldn’t know the name of your business so they would typically search the word “painter”.  If you use “painter” as a tag then your business card would show in the results.  Depending on what package you choose determines the amount of tags on your listing.

No matter what package you are on you can change your tags at anytime.  So experiment and think outside the box as the perfect formula will attract more business for you.

What happens when you search DigiPin?

You’ve got a leaky tap and need a plumber.  You saw a business card on you local pin board but you don’t remember the details.  Never fear DigiPin is here! Just search DigiPin for the word “Plumber” and take your pick!  

The more tags a DigiPin has the more results it is likely to be shown in and to give it that pin board kinda feel, we never rank them. If someone searches “coffee” then we show all the DigiPins in no particular order that use the tag “coffee”.  The search results are always shuffled giving that same random feel as what you would see on a physical pin board.

What package do I choose?

It’s free to list your business with DigiPin. Our Free Package is perfect for getting a feel for how it works. In just a few minutes you can have your business listed for no cost at all. With the Free Package you get one tag for your listing. This is sometimes all that you need however, adding more tags to your listing won’t break the bank. At affordable monthly or yearly pricing you can upgrade adding more tags to your listing. The more tags the more results you can appear in. At this point you’re only one step away, pin your business card today!

Free Ride

This package advertises your business on DigiPin for FREE! Why wouldn't you give it a go!​
FREE forever
  • 1 Search Tag
  • Menu upload option
  • Business Page Like


Extend your reach with this package. Step it up a notch and throw another 2 tags on your listing.​
$ 80 yearly
  • 3 Search Tags
  • Menu upload option
  • Social post and business page like


Set your sights on the horizon with this package. With 5 tags up your sleeve you can't go wrong!​
$ 100 yearly
  • 5 Search Tags
  • Menu upload option
  • Social post and business page like
2See our terms and conditions on the criteria for registering your business on DigiPin
3See our terms and conditions on the criteria for choosing your tags.